Our Inspiration

As the founder of several businesses in the midwest region, including the well-known tanning chain L.A. Tan, Nick Patel has built a reputation for himself in the Chicagoland business scene! Nick is a jack of many trades. When Nick becomes passionate about a concept, he finds a way to turn it into a brand. His consistent focus on brand evolution has allowed him to innovate and continuously improve not only his businesses, but also help others improve their brand as well.

When Nick met a family from Mexico that had been distilling tequila for several generations, he saw an opportunity to create an innovative brand within the beverage industry. He introduced the family to Jana Iyer and Sonali Patel (the owners) and inspired them to tap into the spirits industry and run a women-owned tequila company; the idea of FINO Tequila was born.


FINO Tequila is born in Arandas, which is the main tequila production center in the Los Altos (highlands) region, and one of the two main tequila producing regions in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. FINO Tequila is created in small batches, and made with 100% agave azul, to deliver an unparalleled smooth flavor.


agave & harvesting

The agaves grow at a higher elevation in a mineral rich volcanic soil. Due to the availability of ample sunlight and the natural properties of the soil, the agaves are rich in sugars and has more viscosity and body weight. This leads to a smoother, premium quality tequila with more tropical flavors and fruit essence.


slow cooking

The hand harvested pinas are slow cooked in a brick oven for approximately 30 hours. It is then crushed using mechanical roller mills to extract all the sweet agave juices. The juices go through double distillation in copper stills.


aging process

FINO Reposado is rested in a charred Jack Daniel’s wood barrel for 6 to 8 months. FINO Anejo is aged for 14 to 16 months in the same barrel. Both, create a smooth, oaky flavors mixed with the naturally sweet flavors of agave.

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From place and production, to people and passion, the small-batch, family distillery has been in the business for more than three generations, defining mastery and commitment to quality of the product.