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Sonali and Jana, Co-Founders of FINO Tequila

Women in the spirits industry have gained prominent roles in a male-dominated industry. Sonali Patel and Jana Iyer founded FINO Tequila in April of last year and earned a Platinum medal one year later. Their brand name means “fine” In Spanish and also serves as an acronym: “Failure Is Not an Option.”

“We like the SIP philosophy that spirits should be judged by those who enjoy them, and not just by those who have a vested interest or bias in selling them,’ Patel said. “the fact that consumers placed our blanco at a Platinum level is reassuring for us that we’re going in the right direction and motivated to move forward — not because of pure intuition, but because of factual feedback.”

Achieving a SIP Award absolutely helps build a brand, and helps attract distributors, vendors, and consumers, she said. Their award has been advertised on social media, websites, and several PR agencies.

“We have received several compliments and feedback congratulating the win,” Sonali added. ‘“Given that FINO is so new in the market, it is absolutely important that we receive consumers’ feedback on our creation. Consumers are at the receiving end. Ultimately, they buy the product, promote the product, and enjoy the product.”

Influencer Experience


“Fino is a women-owned, Chicago powerhouse featuring smooth and premium tequilas, enjoyable sipping alone or in cocktails. I love the balanced flavor of the tequilas in the house margaritas and horchata. The distinctive taste and natural sweetness of the varieties (Blanco, Reposado, Anejo) comes from agave azul grown in the rich volcanic soils of Jalisco, Mexico.  Fino is available at several local Chicago restaurants and bars including @iogodfrey, @hub51, @mapleandash, @vurooftop and @bouncechicago, as well as @binnysbev locations. They’ve also expanded to Maryland and DC. The sleek design and trendy attributes of this brand take tequila fun to the next level.”  ~@chicagofoodguru